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Classic Pubs of Victoria


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Lavishly illustrated with striking and fascinating full-colour photographs, Classic Pubs of Victoria features an eclectic collection of historic watering holes. The accompanying text portrays a short history of each establishment along with any unusual aspects, such as happenings, famous patrons and even ghosts. The book captures the unique history and culture of Victoria’s classic hotels, and would be a treasured gift for anyone who enjoys a quiet beer.Some of the hotels featured include Apollo Bay Hotel, The Elephant and Wheelbarrow, the Gold Mines Hotel, The Sloaney Pony and The Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda.

About the Author

Stephane and David Bowker are keen travellers and enjoy exploring the hidden nooks and crannies that Victoria has to offer. Not to mention, they both enjoy the occasional beer, especially in one of Victoria’s Classic Pubs.