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Kohnkes Own Cell-Vital Premium


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Premium Concentrated Bone Mineral, Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement with Active Yeast Components.

Cell-Vital PREMIUM is a comprehensive formulation to meet the elevated needs of race horses in training, regular racing and performance horses in high intensity competition.  Cell-Vital PREMIUM features premium forms of chelated trace-minerals and potency-protected vitamins, including higher levels of iron (3 forms for optimal absorption) and muscle antioxidants to power performance in hard working horses.

Cell-Vital PREMIUM contains live active yeast with scientifically proven benefits in reducing hind gut acidity for horses fed high grain diets, plus nucleotides and other active yeast components, which have multiple roles in assisting conversion of feed to energy, as well as helping digestive efficiency & immune function.

Pack sizes:  3.5kg (44 days supply)
                     10kg (125 days supply)
                     20kg (250 days supply)