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Kohnkes Own Kohnke Fabby


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Multi-Action Probiotic and Prebiotic Digestive Supplement for Horses.

Kohnke’s Own FABBY has been formulated using the latest scientific knowledge in probiotic and prebiotic research, specifically to improve digestive health and function which is crucial for an efficient gastro-intestinal system of all horses regardless of age, diet and exercise levels.

Many horses also have digestive challenges including feed or grass sensitivity, lack of pasture access, scouring, intermittent loose or acidic ‘cow pat’ manure. These horses may show irritability, poor manure formation, bloated, gassy problems or be a ‘poor doer’ or hard keeper type.

With a concentrated, comprehensive and multi-action approach, FABBY has been proven in extensive research trials over 3 years to help all types of horses, especially those with poor hind gut health, maintain a well-functioning digestive system.

Pack sizes:  1kg (33 days supply)
                     3.5kg (116 days supply)           
                     10kg (333 days supply)