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Kohnkes Own Kohnke Harness Special

Concentrated Trace-Mineral and Vitamin Supplement with Extra Iron and Muscle Antioxidants.

Harness Special is the premier ration balancer designed for harness horses (trotters and pacers) in regular training and racing as a concentrated, high intensity supplement designed by Dr. John Kohnke.

Harness horses have higher requirements for energy and many nutrients compared to gallopers, as studies have shown that they train three times harder and race twice as often compared to Thoroughbreds.  Harness Special meets their elevated needs for micronutrients in a simple, comprehensive and easy-to-dose supplement.

Harness Special is designed for harness horses because it contains highly potent and concentrated forms of muscle antioxidants, including vitamin E, vitamin B1, magnesium and selenium (as premium organic chelated selenomethionine), plus extra iron in 3 different forms for optimum bioavailability, to ensure strength, stamina and racing performance.

Pack sizes:  1.4kg (35 days supply)
                     4kg (100 days supply)
                     10kg (250 days supply)
                     20kg (500 days supply)