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Rubs 2nd Edition


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Spice things up in the kitchen!  Rubs has been expanded to include bastes, butters, and glazes--so you can season any dish to create your own signature concoction.

From dry seasonings and marinades to bastes, butters, and glazes, Rubs presents more than 150 ways to deliver maximum flavor. Whether you are looking for all-purpose rubs and sauces that will work for every type of meat, or step-by-step feature recipes for entire meals, Rubs has something to suit all tastes:
*Southwestern Dry Rub
*Horseradish Crust
*Smoked Spiced Chicken Wings
*Chipotle Rib Eye
*Smoked Pulled Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches
*Californian Coffee Prime Rib
*Lemon-Rosemary Leg of Lamb
*Bourbon and Brown Sugar Glaze
*Red Wine and Dijon Marinade
*Wasabi Butter
*Grilled Roast Pineapple Pork Marinade
*Indian Curry Rub
*Skewered Shrimp with Tabasco Butter Baste
*Grilled Lime Mahi-Mahi
*Herbed Steak Butter
*Spiced Honey Salmon
*Prime Rib Gravy
*Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
*Honey-Soy Seafood Baste
*Chicken Under Brick with Apple Glaze
*Memphis Ribs with All-American BBQ Mop