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Bare Equestrian Chevron Ecoluxe Recycled Socks


Introducing BARE Equestrian ECOLUXE 🌱
Every year, more than 1 million bottles are purchased globally every minute, with 80% ending up in landfill. The impact on our environment from plastic waste is devastating.

At BARE, they are passionate about doing their part to preserve our precious planet and it’s ecosystems, and thus, BARE ECOLUXE was born! The ECOLUXE range is made from 100% recycled material, derived from the pesky plastic bottle into something stylish, that you can ride in every day.

Making choices for a greener future is something we all do, and now you can shop your favourite riding apparel guilt free.
These 100% RECYCLED socks from BARE Equestrian have the following features:

Made from durable 100% recycled sports performance fabric the BARE ECOLUXE socks are breathable and lightweight and decorated with the BARE Equestrian text logo.