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Didgeridoonas Australian Professional Shot Gun Bag

We got some of Australia’s most practiced gunslingers to help us create Professional Shotgun Bag. And we were only a little bit scared for our lives!
It’s a no-nonsense bag. You may not be as practiced or scary as those guys, but this is still a bag for anyone who enjoys the firearms hobby, whether you’re a professional or a casual.
The inside is lined with 100% Australian wool. Fire away, chuck your gun back in immediately: the wool will stop the heat from melting your bag.
The bag’s outside is made from waterproof Australian oilskin. It’s tough enough to scrape against branches or bricks and still keep your gun nice and dry. Plus, the leather foot is even tougher and will protect the base of your bag even in mud and muck.
A carry handle makes lugging it less laborious and there’s also an adjustable shoulder strap for if you need both your hands. The bag closes with an adjustable clip so you can be assured your gun will stay safe and snug inside.
  • Tough and waterproof Australian oilskin will keep the rain out of your firearm.
  • Fully lined with insulative Australian wool: fire away, then stick your gun back in. No melting!
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and a carry handle to make transporting easy.
  • Leather foot to protect bottom of the bag.
  • 132cm in length with the smallest end being 10cm and the widest end 18cm