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Didgeridoonas Walkabout Oilskin Hat


The Walkabout Hat’s water repellent oilskin construction will protect your head and neck against those obnoxious rain drops but it works just as well against the burning sun. The wide brim and optional neck flap will channel rivulets away from your face and neck.

It also features eyelets on each side for ventilation, a chin strap to secure against the wind, and it’s made from water repellent Australian oilskin which will prevent it from getting soaked.



  • Water repellent and durable Australian oilskin offers great protection against the sun and the rain.
  • Eyelets on each side for ventilation.
  • Chin strap to secure your hat against wind.
  • Soft and squishable design—this hat can take a beating.
  • The optional neck flap gives extra protection against pesky raindrops and scorching sunbeams.