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Made At The Ranch Cattlemans Daughter Botanical Diffuser


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Cattleman’s Daughter - is a sweet and delicious fragrance, combining ripe strawberries & raspberries with champagne - A fruity and fresh delight!

Perfect for gifting, Cattleman’s Daughter is a delightful Made at the Ranch favourite - previously known as ‘Cowboy Kisses’ by our wonderful long time customers 🍓

Enjoy the beautiful aroma, without lighting a candle with one of our Botanical Diffusers…

These diffusers are a simple yet effective way to enjoy Made at the Ranch fragrances.

The botanical elements and natural reed sticks absorb, accentuate, and slowly release a long-lasting scent throughout any room. (allow a few days to disperse)

Botanical Diffusers are a wonderful and very pretty alternative to artificial air fresheners, with no nasty chemical smell.

Each 100ml diffuser will come beautifully boxed with 5 natural reed sticks, and a varied selection of dried botanicals.

Be sure to flip your reeds on a weekly basis to ensure the scent to linger longer!